Break The Norms: Be Happy

A few days ago, when I was in the canteen of my college I saw two boys enjoying their meal and talking about their future plans after their four years of engineering. I felt that it would be really very interesting and a good opportunity to observe the thoughts and beliefs of a youth so that it would help me to predict where our society is going on a ground level/practical world. So I started listening carefully to them and observing their thought process/pattern. One of them asked the other one that whether he should go for placements from the college or for government job and I was shocked to hear what the other one said. He said that in private jobs they make you work hard like a bull on a farm and pay you almost nothing but in a government job you can relax whole day and get your pay-cheque at the month end. After hearing those words I thought that now at this moment the chief aim of our youth is comfort and not effort, the effort which would make our country strong and they are just doing engineering because they have to, in the pressure of their family, more specifically for a A-4 sized degree which they can show to others/their critics to have some adrenaline rush and for boosting their ego. Today's youth is literally that much weak not because of their own fault but because of the society’s fault as the thinking of parents is also originated from the insular norms of the society. Parents have not emphasized on making their child that much strong enough to let them make their own decision. Some students ask even a little thing like haircut and their parents instruct them. If someone is not strong enough to take the responsibility of their hair cut, how is it possible that they would be taking the responsibilities of their life later and what will happen to them when one day their parents would be no more, then to whom they would ask? Finally one will get frustrated and would have a nervous breakdown and everything would be over. All these problems can be solved by just asking a simple question, why? I'll explain by asking why in every situation you get the real specific reason to do that task, if the reason is clear you will do it with a greater force and if it is not strong enough you won’t do it, rather it should be correct ethically also. Like if one have just asked, "Why I'm asking this to my father?” they will get the answer that there is no need and hence they should decide this them self. Another example is that if one choosing their career then they should ask why I'm choosing this career and if they gets a clear cut answer then they will do it with a miraculous force otherwise they will choose a different career. Similarly, you just have to ask "Why?" before you start doing anything. Another example of narrow thinking that today's youth/society holds, is the problem of getting in a relationship/marriage. Like you are saying that I have spent/stayed last 28 years of my life with my family and suddenly a simple-healthy guy with a good job came into my life just 2 months ago and i have decided that he is good for me because I don't have a choice and to put my rest of life at a big stake that I would be comfortable, to get my parents happy sacrificing my own happiness and then suffer for my rest of life. Wow this is crap, are you joking, but this is the reality that happens to almost 90% of today's youth just because of their lack of courage to make their own decision and then blaming their parents, for their rest of the life. The inability of a youth to take action against the norms is because of lack of courage, and the thought process enforced from their parents.

Now, if we talk about career (in engineering) whenever I ask anyone what are your plans, they'll probably say only one name i.e. GATE. Frankly speaking there are mostly three choices after engineering, MBA, M. Tech., or Job, so you can go for these three options either in India or abroad and for outside India for job and M. Tech. There is a famous exam called GATE, approx 20 Lacs applications are there in which only 20,000 gets selected. This is the truth and the effort you give is 10-12 hours per day for a whole year and after that also you get a job of only 70-80k per month and for abroad you just have to give 4-5 hours per day only for 3-4 months and after that you get a 10x times pay, but the paradox is there are only 10% students applying for outside and 90% are applying for GATE, why?, just because of lack of courage that could be developed right from the childhood.


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