That Boy In My Class

Today I want to share my relationship with one of the most awkward person who had ever existed in the whole class or you can say in the whole college I was studying in. I am saying him awkward because he was little different, his actions were different. He would do things and anything to get attention or it would be better to say that he wants to let people know or interpret that he was different. In this course he had done things so out of the box that people started taking him as a mentally ill guy. But what I want to discuss is that how he had arrived to this stage what was the actual and real reason behind this abnormal or different behaviour. When was that process started landing him to the current situation. So the story starts here, after 20 days of starting of the college, earlier he was just another normal guy but in those 20 starting days of college he had fallen in love with a girl of his own batch and fortunately or unfortunately after 20 days she was having her birthday and that boy thought that bringing cake for her would be the only best option for impressing her and so his did it landing in an extremely awkward situation where she denied his birthday present and at that moment when everybody was busy criticising other just to present him/her the only worthy person in the college since it was just 20 days of the the starting of the college and everyone was new to everybody. This incident was forgotten by everybody after sometime and students only remembered this incident as occasional but not by that guy who had faced that embarrassing situation and he kept on thinking this tragedy continuously and due to this repeated thinking that inferiority complex had penetrated in his mind. The most bigger problem was that he was having a great fear of facing the same class for the next 4 years and that is where I have got him that why he behaves abnormally so as to prove others that he had some especiallity in order to satisfy his inferiority complex through the praise and gratification that he had aspected to receive after doing such irregular things like talking with different accent, behaving disrespectly to the teachers, not coming to the college, getting debarred from exams and many more things. This all had happened due to over thinking and this is not the ending, a lot more unfortunate things are yet to happen in the future. So this is the extent to which overthinking can take you to so be arware of that.

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