Thought Process of Rahul Gandhi

Have you ever seen a small boy growing up in a really rich family? Have you ever thought about the inferiority complex that a child develops during his/her growing years and that inferiority complex gets integrated with his/her character which later becomes a point of humour or criticism in the society. The same thing happened with Rahul Gandhi. He had developed lots of inferiority complex while his childhood days interpreting lots of thing with a wrong point of view in fact developing the point of view by trying to caricaturing others coming at home and by listening to there point of view. Rahul Gandhi had developed his point of view wrongly along with the fear of his mum and hence bounding his own thought process to think outside his mum’s point of view. And have not got the time to question himself unbiased and the same thing had gone in a loop making no improvement in himself and no self-growth and only doing thngs repeatedly. Moulding himself according to the advice of others.

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